About Blast Surf Designs


Riding waves is fun no matter how you slice it.


Kneeboard surfing has been around since the ancient beginnings of surf riding.

Blast Surf Designs are the result of over 4 decades of development and rigorous, thorough testing in the most consistent surf location on the planet. There are waves to ride, somewhere on Oahu, at least 330 days a year. The Hawaiian islands catch all types of swell from all directions of the compass, year round. There are reef breaks, point breaks and beach breaks with the full spectrum of wave energy, from the weakest to most powerful throughout the island chain.

Do the math.

30 years X 330 days = 9900 possible days of surfing, that translates to unmatched, real time, real world, testing.




Blast Surf Designs are proven.

With the help of some of the worlds best kneeboard surfers, they’ve developed kneeboard surfing designs that are second to none. Bud and his core team riders, surf as many varieties of waves, as often as they can.
Everything from weak, onshore, junk waves to raging, mid winter Hawaiian, North Shore, power surf. They travel often to surf other shores around the planet, to further test and refine the designs.

Blast Surf Designs kneeboards are very easy to ride.

They have a “natural fit and feel” to the rider.
They turn easily and smoothly with great drive and acceleration through the turns.
The 4 fin designs and fin set ups, Bud has developed and refined, since 1979, make the board feel like they are self propelled. They are perfectly suited to the kneeling approach to surf riding. 30+ years later the same basic formula has now become popular with other surf craft.

Check out the photos and see the designs in action.

Blast Surf Designs has satisfied customers, world wide. Our customers range in size from from 4′ 10″ X 85 lbs to 6′ 8″ 360 lbs.

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