Small wave boards are crucial to the dedicated surfers quiver. Even for the recreational surfer at least 2-3 boards should be utilized. With limited water time due to work and family responsibilities, the opportunity to surf doesn’t always coincide with great surf. We developed boards just for that.

The Blast Stub Vector designs help you make the most out of surfing the least. Relatively short and wide, with a single concave bottom, they get up and go in extremely weak surf. With the Blast 4 fins set up they easily drive over flat sections without the need to continuously flail and dip your arms and paddle while riding to keep going.

They can be made with various tail shapes.












North Shore local Dave Sears frolicking somewhere in NSW Australia.

Mark Robertson and Steve Neil are both big guys weighing over 200 lbs. Even with the added weight of full wetsuits they are having a “BLAST”.