Big boards for riding, big waves, with broad, shifting lineups.

Think huge Sunset Beach, 10 ft + Laniakea freight train, tunnels. Think freezing, shifting, 10 ft +”A” frame peaks of Ocean Beach San Francisco or anywhere you need to paddle for your life, just to stay in the game.

Face it, when the surf is raging, you need equipment that you can confidently rely on and trust. You don’t want to be careening out of control, bouncing and skipping down the wave to your doom. Blast Surf Designs big wave, “gun” kneeboards, allow you to catch waves that could very well be the ride of your life. (Or maybe ones you might not be sure you really want. 😉  ) More importantly, they are fast and maneuverable with subtleties of rocker and bottom contours for a smooth, commanding ride.


These boards shown, 6′ 8″ & 6′ 5″ X 22 1/2″.

Mike McGuire riding a 6′ 8″ round pin 4 fin on a massive Sunset Beach West peak.

This board 6′ 3″ X 22 5/8″