Pat Holzman drops into the heart of a Speed Reef G-Land beast and the start of an extremely long, deep, meaningful relationship with our mother ocean.

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From: “mick obrien” of  Tasmania
To: bud@
Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 11:24 AM

G’day Bud

I was in G-Land Indonesia this summer surfing with six other mates and we met
Pat Holzman. I remembered he was riding Blast Hawaii boards, but I never got his
contact info before he left camp. Must say his new boards looked liked
they worked quite good, and he was surfing like a possessed little Tassie
devil! we saw him take off deep and fly through heaps of beautiful barrels
and turn on a pin that whole week with us. One afternoon in particular, the swell had gotten big maybe 3-5 meters, and it was just -perfect-.

About 15 of us were sitting at Speedy’s all scratching for a giant outside set coming in. Could tell it was big because my mates and I saw all the boys at Moneys get cleaned out, except kneelo Pat had gotten far enough out.

We watched him spin around late and freefall into this massive 2 storey wave outside of Moneys, and recover just in time to
crank a bottom turn up under the lip. He looked quite small sitting inside this beast of a wave, traveling the whole length of Moneys in the barrel, and then he completely disappeared and we all figured he was set in too far
back and was swallowed up in the piss.

I just flipped though when he actually reappeared, trying to get some air from in the barrel! From there
I watched him drive through and backdoor into the Speedy’s section. He passed me still just stuffed in a massive groaning Speedy’s pit that I barely punched through.

My friend Garrick said he saw him get toobed way past me in that concave pit before he kicked out… we all gave him his
dues as we saw him paddle back out grinning.

I reckon that wave was the longest left barrel I’ve ever seen anyone ever get! Snappers rights all the way through Kirra is the longest right I’ve seen and has been absolutely perfect beyond belief this year.

Mick Obrien
Queenstown, Tasmania
ps.nice website and do you shape fish surfboards too?


From Jerry in far NW Coast USA

From: jlampert@
Subject: New board surpasses expectations !
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 15:37:01 -0700
To: Bud

Greetings Bud,

   I rode the new S.V. for the first time yesterday and today. Waves were waist to chest high with a few nice  wedgey double ups. For sure it’s the best small wave kneeboard I’ve ever ridden. So fast. And loose. But not too loose. It’s cool because it’s easy to break the fins loose on a cutback. But only if you want to. If I was a local at a place like Trestles or Huntington Beach I would want it to be my main board. But nothing beats the F2K for my home point break. I should add that a few of my footboarder friends think it’s one of the coolest looking boards they have seen. Needless to say, I’m stoked.



From Martin in San Diego Calif.

Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 20:15:41 -0700
Subject: Re: New board follow up
From: martin
To: Bud

Hi Bud,

I   L O V E  my new board.

I’m just dying to get her into some real surf coming this fall.

Got a good taste on the last south swell, she is fast, and yet I can turn in the face without dumping speed.

Rick Carne, and Bob already want a board just like mine 🙂

I really like the new pads too.  They look cool, and feel great.

Thanks for not forgetting about me.





From Joey in San Diego Calif.

Subject: RE: new board
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 11:54:33 -0700
From: joey
To: Bud

Greetings Buddy,
I finally got some decent juice to ride my new board in. I must say that the board performed better than Bob Welch told me it would. It is a magical board. I was at first trying to surf it like I surfed my old Stevie Lis Fishes of the ’70’s with drawn out power turns with my hand on the rail, pressure from shins and ankles, while leaning off to the side of the rail I was turning on. But Bob got me dialed in on the proper approach of how to turn it and where to put my emphasis on body weight placement and how to, and how not to turn it. It flies so fast, connects sections, and cranks high speed turns. On this one I have found that all I need is knee-shin pressure in the right zone and it takes off. It rides the barrell good , yet has enough planning to rocket down the wave.
I also couldn’t have done better with the colors choice. It is a perfect board for me. I am beyond stoked!!! I really like the dynamic of how it turns and works. Laying the rail into the wave and it takes off.
Thank you so much!!! It is a complete resurrection for me, goofy as it sounds, a life changing event. It has been since the mid 1980’s since I have really been on a kneeboard, and this blows away the “old school” fish technology. People were actually paddling up to me yesterday and asking me what am I riding, and telling me that it is magical. No lie!!!  I told them I am actually a moto-cross rider and just bought it at the swap meet complete with swim fins and decided to give it a try…  🙂
Sorry about the long winded message, but it all just worked out so well that I wanted to give you some feedback.
From Steven Lewis of SoCal:
Hey Bud,
This board is much better and even faster, I took it out at salt creek this morning before the crazy crowd’s got there and caught a few good ones about head high and the board handles like its a part of me NICE!!!!!!!!
Thank’s again and have a great 4th.
From Sam Hoffman of SoCal:
Hi Bud,
I was out at Santa Cruz the last couple of days and used the board in
overhead surf at Marmeadows.
I should have gotten a new one from you much sooner. That shape works so
good for me. The board was easy to paddle into waves, it was fast and
carved easily.
I can’t wait to use it this winter.Thanks!
From Wayne Kopit SoCal:
Jan, 2010
Hey Bud

Surfed Silver Strand in Oxnard just south of the Channel Isle harbor
yesterday. Solid 4-6′ ( 8- 12′ faces) elongated racey
peaks. The board was great. Had to work to make the drop due to it’s
length and my cut down vipers, but once on the wave
it had solid drive and carved well.

Thanks for getting it to
me quickly,
From Chris Buscemi
San Diego California
Good Afternoon Bud,Thanks for th insight into the genesis of the Stub Vector. I, for one, am glad you pulled the first one off the rack and gave it another go.Got another session on my new Stub V at DMJs on Wednesday afternoon. The surf was about waist high and crumbly but my new board worked like a charm. I am still getting used to not having to generate speed on such small and gutless waves; but it’s a great feeling. I am really stoked that the board is working so well and I am looking forward to what I learn on it and incorporating that knowledge into my surfing.

Happy Fourth of July and take care.
From Doug Luster
Rocky Ridge, MD
Hi Bud,
Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been under the weather,  just in time for the holidays. Actually meant to let you know a good while ago how much I like the board.  I had a good chance to try it out in variable surf conditions in North Carolina, when we had a tropical storm linger off the coast
for about a week.  The last two days we had a decent swell with offshores – quite an unusual occurrence for us.  I was having such a good time getting barreled that a grom paddled over and asked to try it (waves were peeling too fast for the standups). Low tide was dredging, spitting head+ barrels, and I really found the board got up to speed immediately and flew when I asked- just as you advertised.  It also stalls beautifully and turns on a dime. You got the pad size perfect for me, and although I was skeptical when I had the first look, it is the best pad I’ve used- no sliding around, sort of hugs your knee-ankle area, very comfortable too.  I’m also glad we chose the 6′ length- seems to be just the right size for me to get into waves easily. Altogether the best KB I’ve ridden, it’s a keeper!  I’ll certainly recommend you to other east coasters looking for a board (‘nmac’ asked me about it the other day).

Hope you have a peaceful holiday,
From: buscemi
To: Bud
Subject: East Coast Surf
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 05:37:54 -0700
Good morning Bud,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello. I’m on the Outer Banks for Labor Day weekend but I’m one month into ten months of school at Quantico, Va. We graduate in May 2013.
As you can imagine there isn’t a lot of surf in Quantico but I’ve been able to make it to my parents’ house on the Outer Banks a few times and I’ve scored some fun surf. There may be some solid east coast surf this week and through the weekend due to Tropical Storm Leslie. Everyone has there fingers crossed.
I also wanted to let you know that the two boards you made for me last winter are working great here too. I’ve ridden the stub vector a lot and it is magic. I can turn it on a dime and it works well in the tube; it’s small enough to fit into the tightest pockets during tight turns and tubes. My 6’0″ is working great too although I’ve ridden it a lot less often here on the east coast. I have a feeling that if the forecast pan out the way they are supposed to I’ll be riding my 6’0″ next weekend.
By next March I should know where my next duty station is going to be. As always, Kaneohe Bay is my first choice but as long as I’m near an ocean I’ll be happy.
Take care and happy Labor Day.

Chris Buscemi