Pro Tips



Your Blast Surf Designs surfboard is built to last you several surf seasons. Simple common sense care habits and precautions will help to maintain your board in the best serviceable condition.

1.Rinse the board off as you exit the water after a surf session leaving sand or debris that may have adheared to the board. Rinse again with fresh water when you return home or before, if possible.

2. Keep the board out of the sun when not in use.

Keep it the cool of the shade while at the beach and in a cool dry place at home. Try not to leave it in your vehicle.

3. Avoid having wax melt into the edges of your deck pad.

This will cause the deck pad to become unglued. When water rushed over the rail and along the pad edge it can lift the pad off the deck. We maintain a 1 inch gap between the wax and deck pad.

4. Inspect your board thoroughly before you plan to use it. Inspect it for cracks and perforations of the skin. Have any that appear to allow water to seep into the foam core, repaired immediately. Also inspect the edges of your deck pad to be sure they are adhered securely.