The board shown is 5′ 6″ X 22 1/8″

This design is a highly developed extrapolation from the original Fish, perfected by Steve Lis.

Many experienced, hard core kneeboard surfers enjoy driving their boards from the tail, while the body sits crouched, low over the rear of the board.

Lee Pattison, Gas Chambers, North Shore Hawaii
This design enhances that approach to kneeboard surfing.
It is a perfect blend of the keel fin Fish design’s full throttle drive with the easy initiated turns of the “twin fin”. The overall result is a board that turns easily, without being “squirrely”, yet maintains incredible drive and acceleration through and out of the turn. They can be tuned for surfing a broad range of  waves from SoCal beach breaks to Hawaiian North Shore surf. For referance an average sized surfer, 5′ 9″ X 170 lbs would use a 5′ 5″ – 5′ 6″ X 22 1/8″ X 2 1/2″ Blast Fish Hybrid for 3-8′ surf. For big waves a 5’8″ – 5’10”. The short model comes with 4 small nearly equal sized fins. The big wave model has larger front fins.

A great choice for hard core kneeboard surfers with the low down driving style of the “Fish School”. Also an excellent choice for someone who wants to transition from twin keel fin Fish type boards to 4 fin designs.

Shown rding is Greg Holzman at Jeffry’s Bay RSA & Mike McGuire in Hawaii (small Sunset) on their 5′ 5″ X 22″ Blast Fish Hybrid  photos Bud McCray

Lee Pattison Rocky Point rights North Shore Oaho Hawaii, Pat Holzman Cloud Break Tavarua Fiji Islands.

This is a versatile and extremely effective kneeboard design. Lee Pattison (shown below) doesn’t hesitate to ride his 5′ 5″ small to mid range board in seriously big and dangerous waves at Pipeline.

On the images below, Blast F2K fins (standard fin set) placement, set further up from the tail, compared to the Fish Hybrid (“Small Fin series”) fins placement set closer to the tail.