About Bud McCray





Bud McCray is a dedicated surfer. He has devoted a major portion of his life to the pursuit of riding the great waves this planet has to offer and building highly refined, finely tuned, surf craft for every aspect of that pursuit.

Says Bud, “Growing up in Newport Beach California during the mid 50s through the mid 70’s was a special time in surfings history. As a kid we enjoyed all ocean related activities such as fishing, sailing, snorkeling, body surfing and board surfing. Like so many surf gremmies of the era, we tried anything that remotely looked like it would give a fun ride.
From cafeteria trays, bizarre space ship looking pool toys, plywood, Hodgeman rafts, we tried just about anything to get a slide across the waves.
Many of my friends, neighbors and other Newport locals were shaping and surfing an incredible variety of surf craft. Board designs took off into uncharted territory. It was great to be apart of and experience this renaissance of exploding surf culture. Riding waves has had and continues to be a positive, profound influence on my life. ”

Bud McCray has been riding kneeboards since age 10.

He built his first kneeboard in 1967.

He has ridden and built all types.

He started building them professionally in 1978.

Bud builds all types of surf craft but kneeboards are his passion.

Bud McCray has over 4 decades experience, designing, testing and building kneeboards. Working under his surf craft labels, Blast Kneeboards and Blast Surf Designs, Bud offers the widest range of state of the art kneeboard surfing designs, for the widest variety of surf, of any US kneeboard shaper.

Bud surfing Hawaii at an outer islands sand point & at Burleigh Heads Queensland Australia.

Bud surfing Rocky Point North Shore Oahu Hawaii & at work shaping.

Bud surfing Laniakea North Shore Oahu Hawaii 1978 & Super Suck Sumbawa Indonesia (circa 1987)

A variety of boards built by Bud’s & at home surfing North Shore Oahu Hawaii.


Bud surfing at North Shore Oahu, Hawaii’s famous Sunset Beach & Rocky Point.

Bud surfing G-Land Java Indonesia.